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Global Town Hall: Ankle Arthritis, Total Ankle Replacement, Ankle Fusion, & 3D Printing

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The field of Orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery has flourished in the United States.  Particularly over the past 40 years, the academic community in foot and ankle has increased dramatically.  During this time period, surgical techniques, implants, hardware, and decision making has been refined.   Unfortunately, the growth of orthopaedic foot and ankle has been much slower in other parts of the world.  


In many countries globally, the surgical techniques for foot and ankle surgery are arcane.  Much of the foot and ankle surgery is performed by the general orthopaedic surgeon.  Although these individuals are performing cutting-edge arthroscopic surgeries and adult reconstructive surgeries, most of the scope of foot and ankle surgeries has been limited to foot and ankle trauma and external fixation work.  The reconstruction and tendon pathologies have been largely ignored.  


The Parekh Family Foundation, under the Foundation for Medical Education and Research (FMER) is a US-based non-profit organization.  One of the missions of this organization is to increase the awareness and education of foot and ankle pathologies, decision analysis, and surgical techniques globally.  Typically, this is done through live foot and ankle camps, surgeries, and a conference.  However, given the COVID pandemic, this will not be possible for the foreseeable future.  The pandemic has severely limited our ability to engage in any in-person training or charitable surgeries. However, it has presented an opportunity to provide innovative educational opportunities using technology.


Over the last three years, we have conducted our 24-hour Virtual Foot and Ankle Global Town Halls.  These have garnered a combined 5000+ attendees, over 10,0000 views on YouTube, and has been a massive success with over 200 faculty.  This year, we aim to improve on those statistics.  This year’s meeting will be focused on Foot and Ankle Trauma.  The meeting will start at 8pm est on April 12, 2024.  The first session will take place from 8:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.. Then, the next session will begin at 8:00 p.m. CST, for one hour.  In this manner, there will be 24 sessions, for the 24 time zones of the world.


The course will bring together the expertise of US and international foot and ankle faculty members with the experiences of a number of global foot and ankle surgeons.   This virtual town hall will take place online from April 12-13, 2024 and will be solely case based, with over 100 faculty members participating.  Through this course, we hope to foster education and camaraderie amongst the practicing orthopaedic surgeons globally

Global Town Hall Course Agenda
This will be a 24-hour Virtual Foot and Ankle Global Town Hall meeting. The meeting will start at 8 pm est on April 12, 2024. The tentative topics for the course are below and subject to change.

The virtual meeting will be available on-line or through our mobile app.  Once you register, instructions will be provided for the mobile app.

  • 2020 Bhubaneswar Agenda Overview
    An overview of the 2020 Bhubaneswar Conference is below. To get downloads of the presentatons and papers, AFTER the meeting, please sign into the Forum. In addition to the session below, there will be sessions dedicated to case presentations and audience discussions. We suggest that you bring cases on a thumb drive to present at the meeting.
  • Highlights of the Conference
    1. Live surgery on common foot ailments 2. Interactive discussion with International and National faculty 3. Hands-on workshop sessions 4. Live clinical examination tips 5. Panel discussions
  • E-Poster Guideline Submission
    The Parekh Indo-US Foot and Ankle Course Program Committee would like to obtain disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest from faculty/presenters at the 2020 Annual Meeting. This disclosure information will be required to be part of the ePoster. Poster presentations will be shown for the entire meeting (3 days). e-Posters presentations are limited to no more than 12 PowerPoint® slides. Applications must be submitted by February 1, 2020 to be eligible for review by the committee. An abstract is not eligible for consideration if it has been published prior to submission date of February 1, 2020. Notification of acceptance or rejection and all future correspondence will be emailed to the presenter by February 14, 2020. If your poster is accepted, you MUST register for the meeting. Your submission must include: Title Abstract Content 1 to 5 keywords List of all authors (Additional authors may not be added after acceptance.) Email all abstracts for consideration (with all parts listed in step #5) to: View E-Submission Guide


The 24-hour Virtual Foot and Ankle Global Town Hall meeting will begin at 8 pm est on April 12,2024.  We expect over 3000 attendees for this conference throughout this 24-hour event.

Dates and Times

The 24-hour Virtual Foot and Ankle Global Town Hall meeting will begin at 8 pm NYC on  April 12, 2024.  Speakers are subject to change depending on the availability of speakers.


Registration will be required and is FREE.  Registration will be open for ANYONE and all foot and ankle surgeons, health care providers, and the general public at large.  Global opinion leaders from around the world will be selected as moderators and faculty for this course.  The US and international faculty will be updated over the next few weeks.




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