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Indian Annual Meetings

Foot and ankle surgery is one of the younger subspecialties in orthopaedic surgery. In recent years, there has been a tremendous interest in this subspecialty, with great advances ranging from total ankle replacements to minimally invasive surgery. These advances have improved patient care, allowing patients to regain function and return to activities faster than ever before.

About the Conference

The aim of the Parekh Indo-US Foot and Ankle Surgery Conference is to disseminate and share techniques in foot and ankle surgery with surgeons from India, South Asia, and the United States. Faculty from both the US and India participate in teaching during the workshops and the didactic sessions that provide attendees and registrants with a unique perspective on foot and ankle pathologies.

About the Foundation

The Parekh Family Foundation was started in honor of Gunvant and Bharati Parekh, who were great believers in education, hardwork, and discipline. Dr. Parekh and his family are interested in contributing to India in a meaningful way. Presenting and sponsoring the annual Indo-US Foot and Ankle Surgery Conference is one of those methods.

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