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Rajiv S. Shah, MD

Director & Chief, Orthopaedics Department, Global Baroda Hospital, Global Bharuch Hospital, Baroda Hospital, Foot & Ankle Centre
Vadodara, India
2020 Bhubaneswar Faculty: National Course Chair

Dr. Shah is a practicing foot and ankle surgeon with over twenty years professional standing as an orthopaedist.  He obtained his fellowships in the subject from Columbus, OH, USA and Chicago, IL, USA.  He runs the first ever Foot and Ankle Centre of India at Vadodara and has a passion to develop this speciality in the Asian continent.


He is a faculty member in various national level conferences and workshops with innovative techniques under his belt.  The Foot School is a novel interactive educational model devised by him for spreading preventive care nationwide.  He also runs a project "Save the Foot" for diabetics and a project "We Walk" for leprosy victims.

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